Don’t do it!!!!

Warning!  Walk away. Now!  AR-15’s can be very addicting.  Most rifles that you buy are not modified very much. You choose and mount your optics and then mostly fine tune the performance using different ammunition. Not so with AR-15’s. Sure you can buy one and use it out of the box and never change anything on it. They are very good out-of-the box.  Since all Ar-15 type rifles, (Actually AR-15 is a trademark of Colt)  are based on Mil-Spec M16’s, parts from different manufacturers are interchangeable. This has led to a virtual explosion of aftermarket parts and accessories for the rifles in addition to a multitude of actual manufacturers. You can spend as little as $500 to as much as $5000 on setting up your AR-15. In addition, the used gun and parts market is flush with good deals.  Every single part on the rifle can be purchased independently and is available in many configurations. The rifle is split into two main assemblies, the upper and lower. The lower assembly contains the main receiver, trigger assembly, hand grip and rear stock.  The upper assembly contains the upper receiver, barrel, bolt carrier group,  gas system and optics.

I purchased my first AR-15 as a used rifle that was custom built by the owner. It is not a typical M4 Carbine assembly but has a longer barrel and rifle-length gas system. I will blog about what this means and how the rifle operates. I have arranged this blog into categories including Upper Build, Lower Build, Optics, Accessories, and Ammunition. I hope you enjoy the blog and that it helps with your own AR-15 adventure.

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One thought on “Don’t do it!!!!

  1. Great photo – really grabs attention. Used to have a 7mm mag that was harsh on my shoulder. I may check out this caliber and model. Cheers … MDV

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